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At AROA ADVISORY we provide comprehensive advice to our clients and collaborate with them in the construction of their family wealth and the internationalization of their companies.

With our own methodology, we analyze each case, considering personal and business values and interests in the matters entrusted to us, and we provide effective and concrete solutions and recommendations.

We have the training and experience necessary to offer a personalized service of the highest quality.


We work for you and your family

We provide the best "family office" solutions -FAMILY OFFICE- to help our customers achieve their goals.

family office

We are at your service

AROA ADVISORY 's comprehensive advice offers families and companies the convenience of a single trusted contact person, who will accompany them professionally and as a personal assistant throughout the entire consulting process.






real estate management

We offer a service Personal Real Estate Shopper-, during all the phases of the process of buying and selling real estate, both in Madrid and in the rest of Spain.

Why invest in real estate in Madrid and Spain?

real estate products
for foreign clients

family consulting

Directly and through our dedicated partners, we assist Business Families and their members as Professional Consultants.

financial consulting

We have Professional Advisors capable of evaluating the assets of the family and the company and of determining, in each case, the most appropriate financial structure. 

internationalization and events

We have experience in the realization of family and business events, where our clients can share experiences, explore new perspectives and visions of the family and business environment.

These services are provided through the company AROUNDERS, Experiences and Events.

legal, tax and immigration consulting

We define the most appropriate plans for the protection and internationalization of family and business assets, relying on a team of expert advisors in real estate and movable investment assets, as well as assistance in the best selection of residence and location destinations.

Who we are

AROA ADVISORY has its origin in the alliance of two professional consultants, Nain Homes and Luis Alfonso Urdaneta, who, sharing the common interest of seeking the best solutions to the different family and business needs, decided to collaborate together in order to maximize and expand the offer of their services.

This team is joined by Lía López, Real Estate Personal Shopper and Relocation Expert.

Nain Homes

Founder. Consultant

Luis Alfonso Urdaneta

Founder. Consultant


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